Fast and Testimony Sunday

It’s the first sunday of the month and thus it was what is called Fast and Testimony Sunday. On the first Sunday of each month those who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints known as Mormons designate the first Sunday of each month as Fast Sunday. This is when those of the Mormon faith refrain from having two meals during the course of the day (about a 24 hours period of time). However, not all can do this do to medical reasons such as old age, diabetes and what not, even if they one can’t participate one can still make a fast offering.

Also during the first Sunday Testimony is also offered by those in attendance to sacrament, this is when those who are there are able to talk before the congragation about their testimony in regards to God, The Church or Christ or any combo there of if the spirit moves them to do so. There is no set form for the meeting, members are free to come up and speak to everyone over a set period of time. Some times there are many who have something they wish to share, other times just a few who have something to share, regardless it is a time for those who have the spirit move them to share what they will with others.

I once asked the missionaries about this fasting stuff when it comes to the fast offering, said to them that if it really was based off of the food one wouldn’t eat for those meals then combined ours would be under 5 dollars since most of our daily meals are under 5 because of the budget we have to live with. They said that you give what you can that it is the thought that counts behind it since everyone is in a different situation so you do what you can as you are able to do so – which makes a lot of sense to me.

Giving testimony is something that I find interesting to watch, some people are good at speaking to other people other’s you can’t understand what it is they are saying. But at least they are trying which is better then nothing at all since it does take a lot to be able to get before everyone and speak. Not something that I’m as yet able to do, then again I don’t have one to give as yet at least nothing that I think is worth sharing/saying.

Well take care everyone post more as time does past.



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