Another Service

LDSWell seems like everything time we’ve attend church so far that its never been the same twice – each time we attend its different, alright some is the same but for the most part it doesn’t follow a standard deal that I’ve yet to see a pattern to. This time round, we missed the one on the 15th because of being a Furnal Equinox but that was already expected that we’d be unable to attend. At any rate, this time when we arrived we learned that it was part of a Stake Conferance or something to that effect, don’t understand it or anything that was going on.

I did learn what I had thought that the local Ward that we would have been part of had merged into the larger Ward that we’re attending but that a few other wards had also been amalgamated into the larger whole do to low numbers and that many members of the other wards haven’t come to the new location (I can understand the ones around us if they are old members not going to the new location do to how far it away it really is to get to by local transit – though if they drive not so much). It does make me wonder who in my local community is LDS and has chosen not to go to the larger gathering ward that they are now part of, mostly because I wonder if its anyone I actually do know or have known over the years of living here.

We didn’t arrive as early as I’d hopped, I am so going to have to get N up earlier if we have any hope of getting to church LONG before things start (this time round we arrived a few minutes into this, but not to far just far enough that there was no mingling taking place before being seated), as I actually would like to see how it is before things take place, as in do they mingle and talk before service or is it one of those deals you arrive and immediately head into the church area and sit down type deal (I know each is likely different, but still I wonder about it).

Like in weeks past we didn’t stay beyond sacrament, mostly because of previous family commitments that have always been part of the weekend for us since before N joined the family, yes we’ve made new traditions and everything but the whole three hours plus of church is something that Dad’s still not gotten his head around in full so its taking time to get things settled so it works for all involved not just us as a couple.

Anyhow, todays service was interesting as there where other people talking other then the standard members of the ward, don’t fully understand who they where/are or their reason for being there and talking but then again I still don’t follow over half the stuff that is said and dun, but there was something that was given to N that was to do with funds something called Tithing, something all members are expected to do as they are able to do so. Thus N did what he said he needed to do, which though not a lot of funds, I told him something is better then nothing at all which he did agree.

I understand giving to the church as a way of helping it to keep going and the like that does make sense to various degrees – though some of the policies might not be agreed with at times you can’t have a place to gather and worship if you can’t pay the bills for the place to do so (unless you do the whole thing in the confines of your own home – which isn’t a bad thing to do but there are those who believe that you do need to do it in such locations – I’m not one of them those, to me you can worship where ever you choose to do so, be it in a gathering of liking minded people or on your own or a small gathering of people in a place of your choosing, be it your home or out side in nature).

I remember my mom and dad having me put some of my allowance on the collection plate when I was a child going to church with them (years before I was asked to leave and not come back – some places are not pleased with young folk asking to many questions of why X happened, or why didn’t X do something, etc. Getting told “have faith” or “your to young to understand” didn’t sit well with me then and still doesn’t to this very day), I didn’t like doing it but because I was told it was something you did to help your community I did as I was told to do (years later I understand more why it’s dun, since the church we went to almost closed and was forced to amalgamate with another or both churches would have gone under since neither had enough of a population to keep their respective congregations going in their buildings – and from what I see of it now, the people who are going are fewer and fewer as the years pass bye and the LDS church is no different in that regards after what I heard spoken of on this day).

Not sure what to post now, my brains drawing a blank – but as far as I known next week we are going to try and stay for the entire three hours (it all depends on what’s going on at home if we can do it or not), so post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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