Another Day at Church

LDSWell N and I went to Church today, we actually arrived early so had time to talk with a few people before things got started. Feels like of strange being there early instead of semi late – but feels good as well, so two sides of the coin.

Service went well enough, had a speaker who talked about something or other, as in he talked and from what I saw around me people dozed off or stopped paying attention, the few who where no idea. My attention was all over the place at times and I just couldn’t keep my attention on him that well so I ended up looking around me at those around me so see their reactions, and to see a few people actually dozing off I actually found funny and strange, but if they where doing this (and they where not elderly, buy those in the late teens, early 20s) then it must have been as boring to hear as my brain was telling me it was to try and listen to or something.

At any rate, after sacrament N and I headed up to second hour, adult Sunday school (Gospel Principles) not ready to do Gospel Doctrine as yet, still trying to get my head around the basics of things as it is.

Todays class was The Fall of Adam and Eve the similar course/class that lead to me getting told not to come back when I was a youth at the church my folks attended for my views on the matter and how I saw things. Turned out what I said back then I said in class today and intend of it getting shot down as wrong and other junk it was called insightful and correct, yet its one of the those to me logical views that to some isn’t so logical.

Now all I said without having read the blurb before hand, since I have no idea what the topic of class was even going to be (didn’t know we’d be attending until N said we where) at any rate. During the course of the class the topic of the fall of course came up and how those other christian groups see it as being Eve’s fault that everything was lost and if she hadn’t dun it then everyone would be alright, so to speak.

This is where my own logic has always screamed that its not correct because, if God put everything in the Garden of Eden and had that tree of forbidden fruit and specifically told them not to eat from it or they would die, God could just as easily never put that tree down in the first place and never had the issue. Yet he at the same time told them to go forth and multiply yet because they where immortal they couldn’t do so. So how can you multiply if immortal and only a mortal can multiply, thus the logic of it is that God and his counter part are Yin and Yang to each other and because of this he knew that his counter part would be able to help things along when the time was right. If that is the case then there was never any actual fall because it was a set up to start with because God already knew that if they where going to follow his orders to multiply then they would have to eat that fruit and become mortal.

Well the person leading the class seemed to like my answer and then looking within the book that we’re going though, it says a version of that put in a different way more or less, and the looking at the references within the BOM that it makes at 1 Nephi 5:11; 2 Nephi 2:20 (Adam and Eve first parents, family), 2 Nephi 2:14–21 (opposition and the Fall; life a probation), and 2 Nephi 2:22–26 (Fall part of the plan of salvation) I guess it could make the same thought. I don’t know, all I do really know is how I see it from reading it in my youth and that’s not changed in all my years since of how I viewed the story of Adam and Eve.

After class we came home instead of going to third hour mostly because we told Dad we’d be home by X time, only to arrive home to learn that he himself had actually attended church himself. He went to the church that I attended in my youth, turns out that he ran into a couple of members who where in attendance there all that many years ago are still in attendance there now. It was rather a shock to learn that Dad had attended church since he’d made no mention that he was going to do so or anything, though he did get up around the same time as we where getting ready to head out for ours but I didn’t think anything of it.

I’m pleased he went and that he enjoyed himself, shocked that he chose to attend. However, since N and I are attending ourselves and he will not attend our church then its good that he’s choosing to attend one that fits him, weather he gets active within it or not is another matter as I know he and mom where active in my youth so who knows how it will go for him, but as long as it makes him happy and brings him peace that is the main thing, I do feel.

Well take care everyone, post more as time passes.



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