A Baptism

Well, it happened, N was able to do my baptism and we did it on May 1st the same day in Second Life that we agreed to be together (the same day in second life that we got married in the world actually).

The baptism didn’t go smoothly as some might, but I really wasn’t expecting it to go smoothly not with how things are for N and me – things just never seem to be that easy as they should or are for others, but it’s good all in all we’re happy.

Everyone kept asking if I was nervous or what have you and I truly wasn’t scared or nervous or anything of that nature for myself I was actually like on our wedding day more worried about Norman then myself, worried that it would trigger a seizure attack, worried that something would happen to cause him an attack or that he’d slip and fall. My own self, ya not thinking about me – save what the bleep am I going to say when it comes time for me to TALK! Ya that part of my only actual worry that I had on my mind at the time and was one that I was putting off, said to myself when I’m up here I’ll speak as I will and let things fall where they might, and it did.

Well it took 4 dunks to get it right, my elbow kept not going under and I also kept losing my balance going backward so ya not as smooth as it could have gone by any means and we both where drenched instead of just basically wet (Norman had to end up getting further into the water himself to do it right with me ::face paws::).

Afterward, we went to change, and ya that was something my brain had hit a block on I’d totally left our towels on our bed instead of packing them in our bags before leaving – oh well N got lucky and they had a towel for him to use, me no I didn’t get that lucky I ended up having to use some of the clothing that I brought with me that was quick-dry (telly endurable to the rescue). Got dressed and was out of the changing room before N was finished dressing (I was out in my whites before N was out as well – a few people actually remarked about that as well, that they thought N would be out before me, not the other way around) so got to actually watch some of the video presentation that the elders where giving (they played joseph smith story – the first part at least).

When it came time for me to speak I winged it, which means I talked about marrying Norman and having no interest in the church or anything to do with the LDS on any level, talked about being down in the US and meeting a missionary who was from Toronto and went on to talk about the missionaries coming to the house to talk with N and how one day I invited them into the house to get them out of the cold, and how I got them hot cocoa and cake and that my intent at the time was just to help N. Told about his mom always wanting him to marry a member of the church since he was her last child to marry and his sisters had left the church and joined other denominations or just left organized religion in general. Talked about telling his form bishop when asked was I going to join the church and my telling him that it wasn’t likely to happen any time soon (and from when asked to when it happened was close to 6 years – so ya it was a while in happening).

Talked about talking with the missionaries and agreeing to bring N to church/sacrament and staying as able for a second and third hour – said how I still didn’t have a clue about anything that was going on, but that it didn’t feel bad on any level. Told about the day the missionaries were trying to get me to set a date and how they where not listening when I told them the date, that got few chuckles from those who were in attendance (and from what I saw out of the corner of my eye a blush from the elders in question).

Concluded it with how Ns mom reacted to getting told that he was going to baptize me and that that it felt right, I didn’t say that the church is the one true church, I didn’t go into anything that I’d heard another go into when he was baptized. I told it as it was for me and how things got to the point of me being before them and my feelings n the matter. I talked from my heart and let the words come as they would come to me to do so, including the stumbling over words at the end when I blanked at what I had to say to end it all (ya still not use to that part of things – but in time I will be I’m sure).

After all that, things were concluded and I was informed that one of the ladies in the RS had actually made specifically for me Gluten Free cookies, I was touched at the gesture it made me feel really good, but at the same time, my brain was like do I risk the CC or what. In the end, I glutened myself but they did taste good and I thanked the sister for making them (we did talk about the cookies and whatnot, she’d never made them before – which was obvious since she had no baking experience when it comes to tools and cross-contamination issues). I appreciated the gesture for what it was and the funny thing was I got three cookies and when I went back to see about getting another they were all gone! It seems other’s where enjoying them and apparently couldn’t tell them from their gluten counterparts – which goes to show that betty crocker got the mix right as did the person who baked them up.

Talked with a few of the people who were there and got a few hugs from several as well ::grins:: one of the Missionary Sisters actually said that my testimony was most helpful to their investigator who had come to see it and that it had helped them with their apparent conflict of feels over the matter. Shrugs I have no idea, I just spoke from the heart and what had lead up to the day in question, to me it was rather plain speaking without frills so maybe that was what worked I don’t know or understand but whatever it is it apparently struck a chord with more than one person who was there in attendance because other’s told me that what I said really spike to them on different levels.

Well, post more as time passes, take care, everyone.



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