In the ER with Norman

Well not expecting to end up here today, was expecting to end up here eventually yes just was hoping to make it though the month without a trip (or the rest of the year for that matter). Well that didn’t happen, the cold that Norman and I have been passing between us seems to have dun its job in caused him to have a double clonic tonic and then in the back of the ambulance on our way to the hospital he had another one while the EMT was talking and monitoring him shoe could see him seizing.

Both Storm and Payton are here with us in the ER, Payton is acting like this is normal for him and it might well be since he’s been though a ER visit shortly after he started his Service Dog training, Storm on the other hand as only even visited the hospital for short periods of time for appointments nothing this long or fast passed but so far she is doing well.

Judging by the time we got in here I think that it is possible that I’ll actually be awake for a full 24 hours something I am so NOT looking forwards to, add in to the fact that i forgot to grab the advil before heading out the door equals i’m in a decent amount of pain and discomfort and my glucose levels are lowish (4.8) and all I have on me are the protein bars I grabbed – totally wasn’t thinking that though I really need to put together a full GO bag for these emergencies that includes diabetic stuff plus my pain management stuff.

Oh well lesson learned, post more as time does allow for it!



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