I am no longer a Bride but now a Wife

Well its happened, my wedding was yesterday.

Yes it did rain and yes we did get a little damp, but it was a typical may shower light short and refreshing.

It was a good service and reception, no forgotton lines just a few omissions on his side of things, as I side to him and others, he was the bride I was the groom (mostly because he did what seem’s to be the standard bride deal – being emotional, butterflys the whole deal, while I was like cool, calm and collected).

When it came time to put the rings on both our fingers where a little bigger then they started out, so to get the ring on my finger I actually in front of everyone licked my finger around the ring and slid it the rest of the way on, and for his finger just sort of yanked it onto him, which got everyone in attendance laughing to no end.

The Wedding cake didn’t turn out as I had hoped it would, but it worked well enough and save for the fact that we had ordered two layers of golden and one of plain and got two plain and one golden, the cake worked fair well we feel.

The wedding didn’t start on time because there was an accadent on the main roads that most of the guests where taking to get to the wedding, so it started a little later then it was orgianlly planed for, but it never when to 10pm as we thought it might, instead we where back home by 8pm with plenty of time to rests and snuggle.

We even managed to catch a little shut eye before getting up again to do stuff that needs doing before we go on out honeymoon later today.

Well take care everyone
Nyx Wolfwalker Cole



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