gifts we got

Well Norman and I got a prity good number of things between us – he got mostly clothing which was what he was needing, and well he got me a few pices of clothing (two PJs – that my folks had a hoot about).

I also got the P90X that I’d asked for in lue of going to the gym further (asked them to get it from shoppers because they had all those points to use and were trying to find something to use them on, thus at 115 plus tax with with close to a million points I think it was a good investment on their part, I know it will be on mine).

Got my normal wolf calander that i get from my aunt and uncle every year, also got monster inc from my folks (special edition) shutters I don’t like the movie at all, yet they say its what i asked for – not bloody likely!

Norman got from my aunt and uncle a coffee mug with some rear car on it – that he actually likes and wouldn’t mind owning

Well take care everyone,



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