Flight delays and travelling

Well the flights down here where delayed for what ever reason (the flight from Toronto to Chicago was on time it was the flight from Chicago to Colorado Springs that was delayed by a good hour) which meant that it was a good thing that I had gotten the gluten-free item at the airport before getting on the plane or we’d have had issues since I’d not planned for more then 7 hours of travel time and it ended up being closer to 9 hours time we landed.

One thing for sure is that when we did land N was like we’re going to sonic, I’m hungry and I agreed save for the fact that I can’t have anything there save their drinks but I did agree that hungry was one word for things (famished might have been the other word for how I was feeling other then blasted tired).

Before going to hir mom’s place we stopped off at Sonic and I got my Double Limeaide that we had to order twice because the first time they made it a cherry lime aid with extra lime (gags) and when I did get it I wasn’t impressed it tasted nothing like I remember it tasting (think they changed the way its made that or that location just didn’t make them well to start with) at any rate after that we where taken to Walmart, yet it was the new type what is known as a Nabourhood Walmart which is just a supermarket and instead of it being blue all over it was green – was interesting going though the isles to locate some of the gluten free items so I’d have something to eat plus at least a little something for breakfast.

Got what was needed and headed to hir mom’s place where I made our dinner (his mom had already had food before picking us up) then we settled into watch some TV with hir mom and hir hubby before heading for bed.

Well later peeps, post more in short order



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