Dates and what not…

Well we have chosen where we will be going for the honeymoon, he wishes to go back to the falls for it and I agree its a good place (though to a degree would like to go else where, but we know it, we know the food and in general its economical – which is important, can always go else for for an anniversary down the road).

We’ve also up when we are getting married, it was to be in September 2009 – but do to other things happening in life we are now going to be getting married in May 2009 2nd or 9th were not 100% sure yet as we need to see when the person we wish to marry us is able to do it, and if the venue we wish will be open as well.

Chuckles, it will be funny – we got married in Second Life in May and now we’re to get married in the real world in the same month, go figure that one out! Chuckles, anyone for something in the stars or what have you.

Oh well, enough of posting for the moment will post more as the days do pass, take care everyone!



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