Complications getting Norman back up here perm

Sighs, who new it was going to be such an issue getting him back up here perm .. sighs and growls seems that its harder then either of us first thought!

Aka there is no easy way of doing it, and the process can take months to complete it does seem and cost a fair amount to boot. Sighs, not what we were looking for, and even if we hitched early (which is not an option), it would be just as complicated if not a little more so.

I’m getting brain strain trying to figure out what it is he needs to do to get up here perm. One moment I think its just the work visa, next maybe he needs the imigration angle, then I’m off on another area … i’m lost as to what he needs really and no one seems to be of help on his end of the deal, sighs and growls at the complication of it all (why does it seem that foren immigrats get in easer then this??)

Sighs, we will figure it out and he will get up here perm its just a matter of time when all is said and dun, but its still a B and a half trying to figure it all out.

take care everyone



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