BLEEP, Bleep and Bleep!

well until yesterday, I didn’t have an issue with his sister’s son but now I wish she’d be a mother and well disaplin the blasted twit

long story short – he brought over a friend and wonted to show his uncle and me some thing, we let them into his appartment and they proceded to do so, and it was NOT funny.

His friend pushed one of my biggest buttons (LGTB related) enough so that I pointed at the door and told them to get OUT, do not pass go, do not stop to talk just get the bleep out!

they go, and when we told his mom she was livid about it, yet his sister didn’t see the harm (like hello gay bashing is wrong!) in what they had dun, nor why I was “over reacting”. GRRRRRR

Well, needless to day her son is not welcomed back to the apt what so ever.

Now, at the end of the day we are relaxing watching tv and the young twit with his nitwit of a friend come running by and the next thing we know we’ve got a broken bedroom window – i’m cheesed off and so is my mate. He’s livid about what his sister’s son’s dun (the apt in part of his mom’s home – the house is divivded into three units, his mom’s his, and his sisters – all sprate units with their own enterances etc).

I know his mom is going to be ticked with her grandson when she finds out that she now has to replace a window that he broke – yet his sister knows and says “he’s only a child” GIVE ME A BREAK, he stopped being that when he started thinking for himself and started being a vandal – get a leash on that thing before I call the blasted cops on him or something.

he’s 14 going to be 15 on the 17th of the month – so oh yes he knows what he’s doing

and to add insult to it all, his mom came over about an hour ago and balled my mate out for “his actions” towards her son. All my mate did was race out of the apt and yelled at him for his actions (aka we didn’t know how it was, till he got out there and way who it was).

She also says “if she can’t handle his behavour his frinds are going to be much worse” WTF … i can’t handle his behaviour? why the would should I have to handle it? he’s NOT MINE.

My mate raised the twit from birth to about the age of 12 when his mom finally decided that she was ready to be a mom – ya right, she’s still not ready if that is how she see things.

What it was that my mate’s sister’s son’s friend did was as follows… “what does a gay bar tender do to clean up…” [son’s friend gets out a town and starts to shape it into that of a cock, and the procededs to whipe the floor with it] – ummmm lets say it took a lot to just stand there and point at the door and tell them to get out.

Ands now to ad insult to injoury (5 min ago) she’s wonting to send her kids to the wedding – NOT HAPPENING!!!! I dont care if his mom comes alone, her children are NOT welcomed, hell we didn’t even invite any of his family to come in the first place – now they are inviting themselves? BLEEP!!!!! Get me OUT OF THIS BLASTED COUNTRY!!!!!!!



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