Back from the Falls

K it was a lovely time away, we spent 4 mights alone without my folks around to bother us, and talk about mmmmm oh yes big time fun, not to mention refreshing.

Got a lot of shots of the falls plus a few other shots of interest, as did Norman get a few good shots. Will post them in short order.

In total we also managed to net just over 30 miles of walking, which ouch my body was sooooo feeling. But its all good, since its been a good two months since i was able to get in that much walking in so short a period of time (k will admit it pushed my body a little to far, but well minor completes aside its all good).

We went on the maid of the mist and did the behind the falls as well, didn’t to much else in that area as we got a little side tracked walking and exploring in general. Never actually ate in the same place twice, save breakfast which we ate twice at the golden griddle.

One thing I will say is that OUCH most of them eateries a single serving is more then enough for two people to share with left overs! .. LOL … Norman and I ended up share most of our meals between each other because of the size of the servings were so blasted large for us to eat alone.

We even went into the Fudge Factory a few times, about half a dozen times actually, and we got at least one thing each time we did, grins. It was one of the few places we went into more then once, the other being Tim’s.



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