4 Days Till the Wedding

Well its 4 days to the wedding and I am up 2 pounds – go figure, 48 hors after I hit the gym with him and I show a 2 pound gain, make me think my body is back to its tracks again with holding onto water after a good work out (will know wednesday when I hit the scales again).

I’ve not yet put on dress on again to try it out, here is hoping that it still does fit – after all last time I put it on was in February, and its now almost May. Oh well if it doesn’t fit, guess its called wearing regular clothing causes there is no time to get it let out (not at this late date at any rate).

He has still not learned to dance, and we have still not chosen a first dance song. The ones he was interested in are more stand and hold songs then actual dance songs. Sighs, might have to go with what ever I can think of off the top of my head, but with him being two left feet its going to be fun. So much for him saying he’d learn to dance for our song together!

Still have the pre-nup to get signed, but that can’t get dun till after he’s seen his lawyer so mine can do what needs doing – cutting it a little fine people! That and this week I have to see my main lawyer to do my will to make it legal upon marriage, since the one I have now is no good once I am married, nor is his for that matter (but he’s not making a new one as yet).

Still no further ahead when it comes to immigration, we still do not know his status here beyond visitor. We might have a lead to getting him here, but can’t get that info till a min of wednesday thursday at the latest.

Sighs and growls, they say the week before the wedding is the most stressful, they are so NOT kidding.



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