Family gathering, fun

Well today was a spontaneous family gathering – at least in part.

My causan and his partner where over with their children, because they where in town visiting his partner’s mother – so they asked if they could stop by since they would be in town. It was interesting seeing them, since its been a while since i last saw them all.

I will admit that I do not like his partner nor her children, but he likes them so that’s what matters in the end. My main beef with her is her problem with the LGTB community and lesbians or bi’s in particular – oh and the fact that being catholic she believes its everything and if your not it well you know that deal – so needless to say she’s not high on my list of ppl I like to interact with when i can help it, especially when she manages to bring religion into just about every freaking conversation.

She drives me nutters to say the least – I try not to show it, but its nun to easy at times. And the way she’s raising her kids, well lets say if you tell someone they can’t have it long enough they will find a way of having it or getting it behind your back. Which I am sure many know can lead to a hell of a lot of trouble in the long run of things – but they will find that out as time does pass I am sure (My folks and I did).

Oh well other then that today’s been fairly normal – took the dog for a walk and a swim (got a couple of shots of him in the water, that i’ll try and get up when I get a chance to do so).

Well take care everyone,



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