Earning in Second Life

Well I must say that I am once again back up to the 60,000L mark or am for a short time till I have to pay off another set of Teir fees for the land I own within Second Life

Its nice to see that number again, but I now it will not last for long, and in short order 9,600L will be gone from that total to pay for two more teirs that are owed for next month, though by that time I hope to have accumlated closer to 65,000L but like all things in SL there is no garentee that I will get the amount or even close never mind higher.

Sales in my shop have been going well enough, could sell more but since I’ve not gotten into a lot of advertizing as yet I can’t expect a world of a lot of sales, but what I am getting I am pleased with thus far.

Well take care everyone



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