Dads Health

Last Friday Norman and I went to see dad like normal, he was in his room with the door closed so at first we thought he wasn’t in his room – so went to put out stuff in his room and then go find him. But he was in his room, listening to the radio in the darkened room (he ever does answer why he doesn’t turn the light on – it ranges from he doesn’t won’t to he doesn’t know how).

At any rate we settle in to visit with him, Storm did her thing and immediately made herself at home on his bed and snuggle up to him for some good puppy lovings and payton settle on the ground to wait for his turn.

During the visit I kept thinking dad looked a little yellow, but I kept putting it off to the lighting in the room as the room is painted a orange/yellow and the curtains don’t help matters since they are also a orange hue. So thought it was a trick of the light, though I don’t remember it having that effect on him in the past – but I brushed it off and when we went to leave and he came outside into the main hall he still looked a little yellow, but not enough that it concerned me (hind sight I really should have said something), but at any rate I disregarded everything and was just happy that he was leaving his room and coming to socialize with people while we where on our way back home.

Fast forwards to Thanksgiving Monday, get a call from the Nusing home to get told that Saturday the Doctor saw dad and that he was a little jaundice and that he had been giving an ultrasound that showed he has a cyst on his liver. Something that is concerning so they had ordered blood work to be dun and Wednesday the full blood panel would be pulled on him to test for all things that can cause the elderly to look yellow (become jaundice) which includes Liver, blood or Gallbladder issues but can also be caused by Cancer (which is one of the big cases of it in seniors), but so can having to much acetaminophen in the system (of which dad had been on, not sure if they took him off of it completely or if they where still giving it to him – something I’ll have to ask when I near from them or see them on Friday).

Yet Sunday when his best friend saw him, he said dad looked 100% fine to him, good colour and everything – makes me think his friend needs his eyes checked or something (as in he is blind to whats happening) because there is no way the facility would report it to me if it wasn’t the case and if the doctor hasn’t told them that they needed to update me on whats happening with him.

Oh well, I’ll know more as the week progress as to whats happening with him – but that phone call on Thanksgiving when I was trying to make a good dinner for Norman and I – our first official thanksgiving on our own (we’ve had past ones yes, but this was our first that truly was planned to be just the two of us without my dad in the mix/picture).

Post more shortly, take care!



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