Dad and Our Apartment

Well dad has been in the memory care facility for several months now, he has settled in for the most part unfortunately he hasn’t settled in very well – he keeps wonting to leave and go home. Yet at the same time he does understand that it is his home, but in the next moment he is asking to go back to his home (that he lived at when he was a teen, before I even came into the picture). So he is bouncing between timelines, that I never know when in time he will be.

It is so hard to have him in there, because I has meant that I louse the family home that i grew up in. Norman and I have had to find another place to live, which hasn’t been an easy task to say the least with our income as it stands. We have found a place and it works in general for us as a couple, but it is WAY smaller then what we were looking to get, thus it means we have had to really downsize a LOT, as in we have gone from a 3 bedroom 3 level house of around 2,000 square feet to just around 500 square feet (of which some of it is virtually wasted space – the laundry room could have been better designed to make a better use of the space that it occupies).

The general use of space is small and though it is written as a One Bedroom with Den, the reality is it feels more like a Jr. One Bedroom with an alcove (that is suppose to be the den space) that is workable in its fashion, but it is far from ideal for what we really needed. We where trying to find a Two Bedroom place to move into, so we had the second bedroom as a office/craft/guest space but unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards for being able to happen.

So we got what we got and we are happy with it in general as it is a brand new build, so everything is brand new from the appliances, to the flooring including the wiring of the apartment so it is all up to new code, nothing retrofitted to fit from an time past. Down side is some of the rules for renting don’t apply to the new builds and for this particular build it is like living in a condo in that you pay for all utilities, such as water, electricity and the like. We just don’t pay for heating and A/C that from the building (though really we do to degrees – it just isn’t out right as it is for the base utilities).

Dad hasn’t been here as yet as we are still moving into the place, we just got our Bed and some furniture moved in today, so still have a few other items that we need to bring from the house to the apartment, and sadly we will not be able to bring all that we had planned on bring because we do not have the space to do so. We have already a issue with the current amount of stuff we have and finding ways of storing and displaying it as it stands (right now, our main room looks like a storage room that subs as a place to eat and watch tv, which isn’t what we wonted it to look like but we’ve currently no choice in the matter until things are figured out better.

Dad will come and visit soon, we just dot know when that will be right now. Well post more as time does allow for it, take care!



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