Coming To You From The Hubbard Glacier in Alaska

Well it has been an interesting week, and it is sad to say that it is coming to and end so soon. Tomorrow we arrive in Vancourver and the crouse is over. It has gone oh so fast for me, it really should have been two weeks (but that would have been really cost prohibitive – unfortunatly).

Yesterday was good, though it wasn’t nearly long engough as I expected it to be. I didn’t get a chance to do as much shopping as I was hoping to do, but hay I did meet a friend from university who lives there, so that was cool (meet her at the sweet shop).

Mom and I went to the local native village, that is on the island (which makes up over half of the permanent population actually). It was alright, but very commercial, which was most disapointing for me. I had hoped it wouldn’t be so commercial, but it is a port of call for cruse ships so I guess its to be expected – unfrotuantly. I was hopping that it would be less commercial, and more natural, but it wasn’t but it was interesting to see the totem poles, and the people dressed in their native outfits. I even got to put on one of the blankets for a dance session – unfortuantly mom couldn’t get the camera to work, so we got no images of me (sighs and i was so hoping to have those images).

After that we returned to the dock area and did a little shopping around, before mom returend to the ship. I sayed on the dock looking and around and shopping (got a few items, a wolf dall, diabetic cholate, and a few ther nick nacks). Before I returned to the ship (had to be back on ship by 6pm), I did enjoy looking around, but as I said it wasn’t nearly enough time, but hay its life.



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