Coming To You From Journo, Alaska!

Greetings Everyone,

Well in a few min we will be docking in Journo, Alaska for the day (this is our first port of call, and it looks like its going to be an interesting city/town to walk around).

I am going on two trips today, one is Wale Watching which takes 4 hours (ack). The other trip that I’m taking is the tram ways, a trip up the mountan to look around and do some walking.

It will be interesting to see some wales, if that is possible, it should be but if not we get 100.00 US back, which is good, since the trip costs about 150.00 US to start with, which is like almost 200.00 CAD, which I don’t have but hell you don’t get to see wales all that often, at least I don’t, not less I go to Sea World or the like.

Yesterday was an interesting day in and of itself, though the morning was spent trying to get a trip that had been booked via the travil agent confermed, and as yet its still not confermed, but I got the ticket any how and that is great since I really wish to go Dog Sledding, which to me is one of the main reasons for going on this trip, is to go Alaska Dog sledding, something that is like a one in a lifetime chance, type deal (cause who knows when I’ll be getting back up this way).

Also yesterday was a really rought night on board, as in the cruse ship was rocking really bady for many people, thus many where not feeling all that well. Hay I enjoyed it, then again I’ve been though gale force 8 winds on a liner before so a little rolying wasn’t that bad to me.

Well I’m eating time (it cost 50 cents per min to access the net on the cruse ship, way to freaking expensive – but hay you pay it if you wish to access it).

Take care everyone,



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