The #ChildFree Times – January 2016 Edition

Welcome to the first of the years editions of The ChildFree Times, I hope you enjoy the links that I have found that were published in January 2016 – not all are here, but as many as i have saved that are still active have been posted here on this date for you to be able to read.

Take care everyone and I’ll post this month’s list next month once I’ve gotten all the sites together.

Going Child-Free: Indian Women opting for lives without kids – “To my mind, motherhood feels like a form of bondage, in that there is so much responsibility, guilt and emotion that you are in danger of losing your logical self.” Nandita Mahadevia, 28, Mumbai-based marketing professional.

13 Badass Women Who Didn’t Have Kids – Even though today, there are more women without children than ever before — 47.6 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 have never given birth, in fact — those of us who choose to take a pass on motherhood still spend a lot of time getting scolded by people who think they know our own lives better than we do.

I chose to never have a baby, and it is the best decision I made – These and many more weird questions have been thrown upon me and my better half several times. Firstly, unless you are a very close friend or family, do you think you should ask a couple why they don’t want to have kids?

Don’t Expect Food Stamps If You’re Unemployed And Childless – WASHINGTON — As many as a million Americans will be kicked off food stamps this year thanks to the return of federal rules targeting unemployed adults without children.

Why lawmakers should wait to expand the childless worker EITC – A report released last month provides the first view of a pilot program being conducted in New York City to expand the childless worker EITC. The report doesn’t provide results (which won’t be available for at least another year), but its early implementation findings reinforce the importance of waiting for evaluation evidence before making major policy decisions.

Just the Two of Us: Estate Planning for the Childless Dual-Income Household – As the population becomes increasingly educated and career focused, many couples are opting for client conferences over PTA meetings and electing to forego parenting altogether. However, the choice to not have children does not make the need for an estate plan any less important.

Some Men Are Childless, Happy And Not Ashamed To Admit It – Dr. Elwood Watson doesn’t have kids, doesn’t want them and does not care what your opinion is on the matter.




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