The #ChildFree Times – April 2016 Edition

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This is the April 2016 Edition of The ChildFree Times, in this article are all the links to posts that I have looked at for the Month of April and for the most part all of them where published in this month as well. The idea of this is to have a months worth of linked articles for anyone who wishes to read ChildFree based articles with the odd childless in the mix as some people use the two term interchangeably in their meaning.

There are three sections to this page, the Articles, Sites and Pod Casts, no mentions of video’s or the like for this month have I found maybe next month will prove more fruit full in this regards, till next month take care everyone!

Women who choose to remain childfree – Why do some women choose to remain childfree? What are the consequences of this choice for their everyday lives Is it be possible to be a family without kids? In this talk, social psychologists Victoria Clarke and Nikki Hayfield explore the increasingly common phenomena of women choosing to be childfree.

I Don’t Want Kids, and It’s Ruining My Relationships” – When you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, the question of whether you want kids can make or break a relationship. That’s why dontwantkidsnope always makes sure her boyfriends know she definitely doesn’t plan to become a mom—ever. The problem? Even the ones who have said they shared her plans at first have backed out later, and she’s ended up wasting her time with people who weren’t really compatible with her.

Why childfree people should care about parental leave – O’Donnell believes the conversation shouldn’t be limited to the need for maternity leave or parental leave, but family leave and other accommodations “that will enable workers to care for their aging parents without their lives falling apart.”

Stop pressuring women to be moms: It’s insulting to assume we all want the same thing – Assuming that all women automatically want kids is insulting—to everyone. It insults those who do plan to have kids or are parents already by diminishing the sheer amount of physical and emotional labor that goes into the undertaking. It insults those who don’t want kids, or aren’t sure, by elevating motherhood above every other option. It denies the fact that it’s possible to love your kids but hate being a mom, sometimes or all the time, or even regret motherhood. Nobody wins by coercing someone else into becoming a parent, or making someone feel guilty, damaged or ostracized for not wanting kids.

5 Things This Child-Free Woman Wants You to Know – Let’s get right to it: I’m a 33-year-old single and childless woman. There are all kinds of reasons a woman my age could be child-free, including:
Not wanting children
Not being able to have children/having trouble conceiving
Being unmarried/single
Wanting them eventually but not right now

It’s Okay to be Child-Free! – One thing that has always bothered the hell out of me is that everyone, society, assumes that because I’m a woman that I like kids. Love them. Want them. Want them around me. Oh, hell, you couldn’t be more wrong.I run in the opposite direction of children. They just irritate me and they are ill-mannered, as well as having no concept of boundaries.

Some Men Are Childless, Happy And Not Ashamed To Admit It – Over the past few weeks, a number of articles on childless men have appeared in several mainstream publications. The latest being a New York Times piece by Sridhar Pappu entitled “Meet The New York Bachelors Who Yearn for Something More.”

ChildFree Women UK+Ireland – Childfree Women UK & Ireland is a positive community and independent social network providing solidarity, socialising options, and support to childfree women living in the UK and Ireland, for free.

Child-Free Relationship – The term “dink” was coined during the peek of the “yuppie” culture of the 1980s. As most know, it’s actually an acronym that stands for ‘Double Income, No Kids’. But there’s a lot more to being a dink than simply earning a living and being in a child-free relationship. And it’s not always the free-wheeling nothing-but-fun world that those blessed with children may sometimes envy.

The Longest Shortest Time – #79 Terry Gross on Not Having Kids –



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