#Childfree Times for January 2013

Leave kids in your wake: How to enjoy a child-free cruise at peak periods
Whether you are a teacher seeking time away from children but are tied taking to breaks in school holidays, or empty-nesters who like to travel in peace in high season, by choosing carefully you can enjoy a child-free experience in 2013.

Are Childfree Men Misunderstood?
Childfree discussion and debate generally focuses on women, curiously quiet on the topic of childfree men. But a March 2012 Psychology Today post by Ellen Walker (clinical psychologist and author of Complete Without Kids) titled, “Childfree Men: Misunderstood and Often Maligned!”, examines childfree men. Walker’s look at the reasoning behind childfree men’s choice and the perception of childfree men within our society is thoughtful and compelling.

living childfree: family is what you make it
the “living childfree” series is about learning about the experiences, motivations and opinions of childfree women and couples – whether it is by choice, by circumstance, or still undecided.

Childfree and dying alone
Because I’m childfree, there is a good chance I’ll die alone. I know this because when childfree people talk about being childfree, one of the popular responses of the childed (or want-to-be-childed) is, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll die alone?”

The Childfree Survival Guide (on Facebook)
This classy book will share tips on how to survive as a childfree individual in all sorts of potentially awkward situations.

My reasons for being CHILD-FREE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9tbK8GLd2c



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