#Childfree Times for February 2013

Childless or Childfree: Does the Terminology Matter?
“Childless” or “Childfree” – is one or the other a more correct term for those who do not have children, and does it matter?

Are Childfree People Destroying America?
The U.S. economy is growing too slowly for the taste of many commentators, and some have decided that childfree people are the reason. Claims abound that the childfree are dragging population numbers down and that their growing ranks will devastate the economy, because more people are the key to economic growth.

Why I Choose to Be Child-Free: Readers Share Their Stories
In reading through the hundreds of stories readers shared about “Why I Choose To Remain Childless,” we were scolded for using the term “childless” rather than “child-free,” reminded of DINKS (Double Income, No Kids), learned about DILDOs (Dual Income Large Dog Owners, of course), and heard numerous times about the pleasures of being a “cool aunt.”

Childfree and loving it — sometimes
FAIRBANKS — The first time it happened, I was in the dentist’s chair with a bunch of gauze and metal in my mouth. … “It’s pretty uncomfortable,” the assistant said. “But it’s not as bad as giving birth, right?”

Childfree Travel: No Kids Allowed
Is it really right to ban children from hotels and other establishments? – While it’s not precisely legal in the US (it is in other parts of the world-so during international travel in hotels and on certain sections of airlines, do check), some establishments advertise themselves as “adults only” (but not in that sense). Restaurants led the way on this, but now many hotels are joining in.



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