Breastfeeding in public

Well there has been a fair amount of posting in the paper about what facebook has dun to a few women who have chosen to post their pictures of their children breast feeting, they even have a petition up trying to get facebook to reconsider their choice in taking down such images and profiles to boot.

Some people are pro others are agaist this issue, it seems to have almost am even devide with even those who do breast feed their children being agaist it, as much as there are those who are for it.

I myself am not 100% open to the idea of seeing a female breast feeting their child in public, they have the right yes, but I also have the right not to have to see it or be subjected to having to see it if that is my choice. Its a double edge sward this deal is, at least in my personal opinion that is the case. I have nothing agaist feeding your child, but at the same time I do not wish to have to be made part of that experiance if I am at a public place such as a resturant, park or what have you.

I expecailly am not pleased with it when I see a mother breast feeling and they already have a tot running and screaming around to start with, that in and of its self ticks me off big time. I c an understand having a sibling for your child that is not to far from its own age, but at the same time makes me wonder if i’m actually suporting them via child care or the like with my tax dollars (another tick of mine that I have issues with to various degrees).

Anyhow, I might well support a mothers right to breast feed in public, but I also believe that I have the right not to have to watch or see this taking place (I have no problem if the mother covers up just a little while feeding, but out right exposing herself while feeding to me is offensive. I have no problem with a women going around bear busted, that is so NOT an issue. I just have an issue with the open bust feeding of a child, for me its offensive and doesn’t need to be made a public display.

Oh well we in Toronto will soon know which places to stay away from because councle is giving resturants a sticker to place in their windows if they wish to advertise that they are breastfeeding positive, and I know that I’ll avoid going to any gov place that is open for this (this ticks me a world of a lot) unless i have no choice in the matter but to be going there.

K am ticked that some people seem to get so many perks that those of us who have no children (by choice of because nature has decided that its not to happen) are denined … sighs yes it ticks me off to no end becuase its not right, and its 100% discrimination in my personal opinion.




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