Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain

Well today I woke feeling freaking sore, but that is normal at the moment, today where are going to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain, which should prove to be most interesting (its a 5.5 hour day tour bus trip).

Well we started off the trip by going to a Salmon hatchery, which was next door to the Capilano Suspension Bridge , it was alright to see the hatchery, but it wasn’t that interesting for me, since well I don’t like salmon to start with (though dad does).

The Capilano Suspension Bridge was an interesting sight, though I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t higher up, then it is. I kind of imagined it being higher up, and less stable (though with the amount of people going over it, you can see why its so stable, and doesn’t move that much, even with people trying to make it move).

Mom and her helper did alright going across the bridge, though her helper shouldn’t have event tried it, since she complained to no end about the experience, and how bad it was, etc (a big time complainer, one that I was really getting tired of by then – actually I was fed up with her by that point in time).

Dad liked the bridge I think, he got it all on tape, which will be interesting to watch when he hooks it up the the VCR (if i can i’ll be getting it dubbed to my comp, and put some online, if possible – have to get the equipment first). I also got some of the sights from the bridge on film (digital film that is – so i’ll be posting some of it online, when I get access to the files from dad’s camera).

We didn’t spend that long at the bridge only about and hour and a half, since we where to spend just over three hours at Grouse Mountain, which was alright, since one you crossed the bridge did the tree top adventure there wasn’t much more to do there, but move on to the next tour (to a degree, I could have gone across the bridge a couple of time, but by ankles where getting sore, and I was starting to really feel unwell by time we got close to leaving that place).

Our tour driver, then took us to the drop off point for the Grouse Mountain gondola, which was to take us up to the top of Grouse Mountain, which has an interesting history, or at least a history which is different from other ski places that I know of (if you wish to know more about it, look at the site, there is pretty good info there about the place).

The first thing we did, when we got to the top of Grouse Mountain, was to head for the “Theater in the Sky” which was to play an over view of the place, which would have been interesting to watch, but I spent the time, worry about mom, who feel sleep against me, because of lack of sleep the night before, and a long day the day before – longer then she could really handle.

After the presentation, we went to have lunch. Which was alright, but by the end of lunch I was really not feeling well and all I really wished to to was get back to the hotel and sleep. I had for lunch a veggie burger with a side of fries, but it wasn’t that great tasting (it was way over dun), and the fries tasted like they’d been under the hot light far to long (which they likely had been).

After lunch, there wasn’t much time to go exploring (at least not if I went with mom and her helper), but I did manage to do some – but I didn’t get to see the wolves as I had hoped to be able to do, but hay that means I have to go back to do that in the future. It was really disappointing not to have more time up on the mountain, but hay as I said it means one has to go back to see more.

I did get some images from up there, some of the carvings that they had all over the place, especially the carvings of the wolves, which well to me was the best part (then again what can I say, I’m a wolf at heart). I also got some images going up in the gondola, which I think look alright (though I’ve not seen them on screen as yet.

When we got back to the hotel, we all went to our rooms, and crashed for a little while (I did manage to catch a few Z’s before mom came over to the room, to say she and her helper where going to the lounge for their supper – dad and I joined them in the lounge once I was awake enough to get one foot infront of the other). When I woke before supper it was to the TV being on CNN, and an air craft landing with it landing gear out of place. Which delayed our going to dinner, since dad and I were more interested in seeing it the plan made it alright – which it apparently did.

Supper wasn’t what I was really hopping for to a degree (not that I know what I was hoping for, since I wasn’t feeling that well to start with), but it was good. I ended up ordering the daily special soup (which was Scottish Broth), and I also had an 1/2 pound order of wings (which I wished I’d had a full pound of, but didn’t trust my stumic to keep it all down at that point in time unfortunately).

After supper, I returned the the room and feel sleep again until mom arrived to help pack up the suitcases with the stuff we’d collected in our travels for the past 2 weeks away. It didn’t take mom as long as she thought it would to pack things up, she didn’t need to get an extra bag as she feared she would have to do so, which was a good thing, since we where already maxed at how many bags we could take on the plane to start with.

After packing everything up, dad called the porter to pick up our bags and take them to lock up for the night, so we didn’t have to get them lugged in the morning. From there I don’t remember much, I know I watched TV for a while (mostly what ever caught my fancy – I think I saw a new pilot show, but I’m not sure since i really wasn’t paying attention to much by then with how I was feeling – so so out of it. I know I feel sleep with the TV still on, cause I ended up turning it off about 2 in the morning when I woke up hacking.

Well take care everyone,



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