Building Ramps and other Wheelchair stuff – ouch

Well dad’s starting trying to build a couple of ramps for mom’s wheek chair, and its starting to be its own nightmare to say the least .. the blasted chair tops the scales at 275 pounds, each batery is 53 pounds each and there are two of them which keep it moving around.

Thus building ramps that will take the weight of the chair alone, never mind with mom in it is getting on dad’s nerve since we don’t have the funds to buy a pre-built deal and can’t get goverment help for that matter or charitable help thanks to my folks saving for retirement (any one for saying that you are penaliszed for saving for retirment, and give everything there abouts if you dont! .. its not fiar, then again lifes never been fair, but still one is allowed to be ticked about this to various degrees I do feel).

Oh well, the ideas we’ve come up with should work for the time being we hope.

take care,



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