Bla day

Well didn’t get much in the way of a workout dun today, nor much else, was so NOT feeling that well, aka totally feeling out of it for unknown reasons.

I no long as doing pilates, k I am doing them but its at home on my own type stuff the deal at the gym didn’t work out so thats a no go and the options of going for more classes where I was is a no go thanks to lack of funds to do so, that and I don’t really like the instructor well enough to shell out 120 bucks for another 6 sessions, rather put that money towards a personal trainer then that.

Work itself is slow, but it seems to be that time of year for it to be slow, and no job prospects have turned up from any of the head hunter groups I’m a member of, nor any of my own sending out of resume’s to various companies locally and non .. sighs am getting ticked with the lack of response and lack of income to boot.

In 6 blasted months I’ll be 30 years of age, and still without full time work. This is so NOT where I thought I would be at this time in my life. 4 years of University, 2 years of College and about 5 years worth of night school college courses, a BA, A Diploma, several certificates and still I can’t get much in the way of work, and I can’t seen to get even a job as a waitress or ticket person at the cinema.

Guess you can say to day I am just feeling not great with myself, I know work will come and what not but I guess its the fact that I’ve been out of school since 2003 and the best I have gotten is a few months solid of work, everything else has been a week here and couple days there type deal when it comes to outside income. My own home business has generated more income then workout out side of the home has so far, but its not a constant deal, and getting clients is not that easy as it was many years ago.

On top of all that, there are so many changes going on in the home that its a little big over kill, and making me feel totally lost and out of it. K maybe not really, but I am not feeling great about what is going on to various degrees. Mom’s not doing as well as she once way, and there are going to be many changes to the home to help accommodate her, such as a stair lift being put in which will make it blasted hard for me to get up the stairs with my current bulkiness (another major reason to get the weight down so i can get to my room and what not). I already can’t use the facilities in the basement because of the changes to the deal that make it impossible for me to use them, which means running up two flights of stairs to get to the washroom an hoping that my dad isn’t using them.

Sighs, life is so NOT where i though it would be at this point in my life!

take care



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