Backing Up Files

Well you’d think it would be something that I’d do more often – but it isn’t something that I do very often at all, which is a BIG bad idea on my part. So today that is what I’ve been doing is going through my main computer and putting everything in order to DVD (starting with images – that took up 12 DVDs).

I learned something else, I don’t have enough DVDs to back up my entire computer as I first thought I had. Seems half a terabyte has been filled = BLEEP!!!

Going to have to get more DVDs to burn the files to – though some I’ll just be tossing as they serve no purpose anymore. It really is amazing how many files you create over the years and just what files you back up because its client based work vs your own person trial and error stuff.

Oh well better get back at it, write more shortly!



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