AntiTheft Device 1, Car Jackers 0

Well score one for the AntiTheft device in my dad’s van, apparently sometime between 530am and about 1pm someone or someones tried to remove my dads van from the street.

Why do I say 530am simple because before that time I was in and out of the house moon watching, and walking the dog and think would have noticed my dad’s car lights on expecially when I always check the van when I go out for a walk to start with (which makes me wonder why I didn’t notice it when I took griff for a walk about 11am …. broad daylight most likely, less it was around that time that someone attemped to jack it … hmmm).

At any rate, police have been notified, insurance has left for the day so less major deal they are not reachable till tomorrows business hours.

Well take care everyone



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