A Job Interview

Well yesterday I had a job interview, it went fair well. But I do not think I got the job, for various reasons – in part because I’m not a cartoonist, and in general that is what they are looking for, not someone who can do real life drawings (I never claimed to be able to draw cartoons). I also don’t think I got it, cause on a tour of the place the entire department didn’t have a single female – it was 100% male that I was able to see.

Now I might still get it, but I do not know – they said that they would call me back if they where interested, but no date as to when that could be. There are other people they are interviewing, so time will tell what happens with this prospect, but like other job interviews I’ve had, I’m not going to hold my breath for them to call me back.

Well hope all are well, take care.



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