40 years! Really?

Wow hard to believe that I have been living on this planet for 40 years now, to degrees I find it hard to wrap my head around that number as it does’t feel that long to various degrees and to other degrees it actually feels longer (depends on the day).

A LOT has happened in the past year that actually hitting 40 feels almost like a mile stone or something, not really sure how to feel about it to degrees as I don’t feel my age as I wrote in my Facebook post I might be 40 but at times I feel 60 to 80 when my body pains and other medical going on, but over all I actually feel younger then my years since there is SO Much going on that i’m always learning something new!

Well here’s to my 40th Birthday!
May it be a good year for me with medical answers and few medical problems to worry about.



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