35th Birthday

Happy BirthdayWell today was my birthday and ya the title is correct I am now 35 years of age – hard to believe that I’ve already hit this age, but I have and I am now in my mid 30s.

The day was alright, slept though my alarm so as a result I only was able to snatch and grab something to eat before heading off to work (not great since the food I grab isn’t compatible with my body as it should or could be). Got to work on time which was good and the day in general was good, was on the job with two other’s who I enjoy working with.

Though I am really starting to wondering about the future generation – the more I am in the schools this year the more I am starting to think we have no future as a species. Not if the lack of understanding and other issues that so many of this current generation seem to have with it comes to basic understanding and following directions.

Computers might have made somethings more simple, but I fear that many of the younger generation are lacking the basics in life such as basic comprehension of directions and the most basic of them all HOW TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Almost every child I see has some type of smart phone on them and the older they get the more on their phone texting and playing games it seems they are (and this is on school time).

Sighs, I feel MUCH older then I am today much much older, what ever happened to talking to people face to face? Ya I know I never was a big time social person and yes I also prefer online contact over face to face, but I also know that in person interaction skills are necessary.

Oh well out side of that, Norman took me out for Dinner at one of my favourite restaurants which is just down from the house, he took me to Aki Da Sushi.

Its one of the few places in the area we live in that I enjoy eating at when ever possible. We ordered a Spider Roll (deep fried soft shell crab, flying fish roe and cucumber with homemade sauce) between us and Norman had Kaisou Salad (fresh seaweed) and Pan Fired Udon with Seafood and Vegetables while I had my old reliable Chicken Teriyaki with Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura.

I really wish we could have ordered one of the sushi plates or Sashimi, though I really had my eye on the Sushi/Sashimi Chief’s Platter but I really didn’t think I could eat all of that and Norman wasn’t interested in it oh well maybe next time we go there it might be an option.

As to the gift side of things, Norman got me the New Super Mario Bors for the Wii which is a game that he has had his eye on since it came out and so have I to degrees (though he really wonted more then me) but I do admit to being more into the educational or fitness games on the wii then basic playing games but hay even I like playing around on it from time to time.

My folks gift is still in the mail, and should arrive sometime this month or early next seeing as it was apparently ordered though amazon and is being shipped up from the US. They got me one of the figures from the Call of the Wolf Collection. I’ve been collecting the figures from this collection since Norman and I first went to Niagara Falls and saw the first figure on display at one of the tourist traps for a fair price.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.



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