10 Years Later

Where were you and what were you doing? Who were you with?
I was at home, had just finished pulling an all nighter to get stuff finished for a client. I had just finished watching the 8 o’clock news and it was turning to junk programming (day time talk shows, etc). So I had turned the TV off and the CD player on and turned in for the day to catch some shut eye.

How did you find out what was happening? What were your first thoughts?
Phone call woke me around noon, it was the vet reminding me that we had an apointment the following day. The recepionnest said something about the towers and my comment was “what again?” she was like no this time they did fall and I was like “but they already rebuilt them you mean they got hit yet again?” she was like “no this is the first time they’ve been hit” I was like “ummm alright, so Benlodden is still alive then?” she was like “who?” and I was like “never mind” and hung up.

After hanging up I dug though my box of old journals and sure enough written in the journal from the mid 90s was my recording of the dream I’d had about the towers getting struck and some other things. Thus started a good couple months of living with Deja Vue.

Do you know anyone who was hurt, killed, or otherwise affected by the attacks?
I know of a few people who didn’t make it, but they where not friends or family just people I had talked with online here and there over the years. My now hubby actually lost a friend he was talking to when flight 11 struck the tower, the person actually said something to the effect of “I see a plane…” and the line went dead apparntly.

Did September 11 change the way you lived your life for the next few days, weeks, and months? Did your view of the world around you change?
When it took place nothing changed in my life in general, I didn’t watch it on the news beyond the stuff that was aired on the 11pm news hour or what was in the local paper. It got old rather fast having it always in the news that I was glad enough to avoid the US channels that we could get and stick with what Canadian channels we got that wasn’t broadcasting anything to do with it out side of normal news hours.

My view of the world didn’t change either, it was still the same as it had always been – still is for that matter 10 years later.



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