10 days still schools over!!!

Greetings Everyone,

Well I’m busy busy busy at the moment as my post-secondary education is almost complete. I shortly will have another sheet of paper, this one known as a Diploma, which will go along with my BA, and two Certificates :-).

Also Macintosh Sisters is back up and running, members area and all. Which means that were back to a growing community, and that I now have something ta show for my final presentaion.

My other sites are still not up and running as yet 🙁 Its being worked on, but its terrably slow in this regards. Though the back up of PathWalkers.Net is fully operational, and once the main sites back up and running a few minor changes will be added. As in a Paid version of the Study Group will be added and a paid version of Sendings as well.

The Weekly Free PathWalkers.Net e-Newsletter is still alive and running, and growing with members, new areas are to be added to the newsletter shortly, to expand its appeal, the new addition will likely be a Herb section, to go along with the Poems/Songs/Chants, Zodiac Report, and Special Feature.

I am also now working on creating a eBook BoS, that I with guidance and help will be published a year from this date.

Well take care everyone,



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