Unsteady feelings

Well this is something that has been happening for a while that NO one seems to be able to answer as to why it is happening or what the cause it, started about 4 years ago but I mostly ignored it until I couldn’t do so starting end of last year and well now for the past 6 month or so it is a constant happening and feeling and for the past couple of days its even happening when I’m sitting still and working on my tablet, watching tv, standing still or what ever i just close my eyes and it happens don’t even have to close my eyes for the feeling to happen at times even just moving to fast can trigger the effect.

I know its not glucose related as I have checked my numbers when it’s happening and they are within range, sighs needless to say it is annoying and concerning at the same time since it makes me feel unsteady and when it gets bad enough (after bending over) it can land me on my backside mighty fast.

well post more as time codes allow take care!



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