three weeks of to low a cal eating

Well today was not such a good idea, didn’t get much sleep and on top of that wasn’t able to get enough cal’s in at least not till I have a starbucks – shakes head i new it would give me the cals I needed, but it only managed to get me just over 1,200 calories for the day sighs, I am having so much freaking trouble getting over 1,500 caloies a day of late I am just not hungry – you would think with burning 500 or more caloires a day I’d be hungry, but its the oposit deal going on am not hungry have to force myself to eat.

Some would say that that is because my body is going into staration mode which would mean not being able to louse weight what so ever, but I am lousing weight, so it makes me think that I might not actually need the calories that I’ve been told I need to eat each day – which is possible they are only guidlines when it comes to eating, but still it does make me wonder whats going on with my body.

When I see my doc for my physical I am going to ask her to recomended me to a nutrishionist, not a dietition I know what i’m eating, its the other side of things that I need help with I think – maybe a combo deal would work, will have to ask her.

I’ll admit that of late I am on a real health kick, in part because stuff is happening in my life that has just triggered the freaking need to get serious about lousing the weight and preventing as many problems as my mom is having as I can possibly do.

well take care everyone



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