The Berstein Diet – shakes head

K now I am sure that many ppl have seen the various commercials in regards to this weight loss program, if you haven’t you’ve not missed much trust me.

I was wating TV and market place did a deal on this “diet” plan, talk about talking back to the TV and shaking my head in discuss – not to mention my mom saying she was sorry she ever thought that that place might be able to help me louse weight (she tried to get me to do their free trial a while back but I said no, I didn’t trust them or the fact that they where so out there as they are).

Anyhow, market place did a good review of this “diet” i do feel. Covered various areas, and even got a few quotes from the doc himself – stating that his “diet” deal is not a “Very Low Calorie Diet”, yet when the ppl at marketplace looked at what people where told they could eat they got a calorie range of 450 to 500 calories and where told that if they would eat less that was a good idea …. shakes head and shutters.

On the Bernstein diet, you apparently also get thee times a week injections of B vitamins which he clames help reve up the motable and help you louse the weight. (if that really worked then I’d have lost the weight by now since I take a B complex and the like and have for the past 3 freaking years).

Even the dietitions for the show, stated that 1 pound or 1.5 pounds a week weight loss is considered resonable and safe, and that eating less then 1,200 calories is not good nor safe for anyone.

And get this the program apparently even tells you what creams and the like you can and can’t use on your body. “We know that a lot of fatty elements on the skin, a lot of fat oils get absorbed through the skin. I keep my diet as low in fat intake as possible, both orally and on the skin,” Bernstein said.

Ummm does that sound like good logic or falty logic big time? shakes head

They also stated that working out is NOT part of the program, not even apparently recomended or necessary to aid in the weight loss – shakes head.

I don’t know about some people, but watching the show, and then reading though the transcript make me think that my first thoghts about any weight loss program or fad is just that, not worth it – your better off sticking to the Canadian Food Guide or the like and getting your doc on board and a dietition and going on from there with what is best for you!

If you wish to read the transcript of the show its at the following url



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