Pre Summer Cold

Well for the first time in two years I have had my standard Pre Summer Cold, all because I ended up riding the TTC (last week for a medical appointment) and despite wearing a good solid mask and washing my hands, and taking all the needed precautions I still managed to catch myself a cold from the environment I was active within (something which I have been able to avoid until recently).

This shows that when it comes to how my immune system works, it means that when I avoid large compact gatherings of people in tight spaces I am healthier. I don’t tend to get ill or catch whatever is going around in the environment. This is just one of the main reasons why I want to drive most places and why I rather avoid taking local transit as much as possible (even pre covid).

Thanks to not being well we did miss a few things that we both were hoping to be able to attend, one of them being the BBQ feast that was being held downtown another event was the Victoria Day weekend happenings, there is always next year so as much as it was something we wished for this year there is always the potential for next year.

Not sure if this means we won’t be able to get to any BBQ event in the city this year or not, but there is still the possibility that we might be able to get to The Ex if it is being held – though likely not since the cost of it likely won’t be affordable (since they stopped the free or reduced-price access a few years before covid struck) but again time will tell what happens with that since it hasn’t yet been announced as to what is happening with it.

We are still planning on attending Pride this year, but like all things, it will depend on how we are feeling – but it is something that we are both hoping to be able to attend as we have enjoyed past Pride that we have been to.

But until then I have to kick this bug that had gotten hold of me. I am still NOT over it despite it being just over a week now that I have been down with it. I am over the high fever part of it, it is just the nagging cough that triggers my stress incontinence (which is blasted annoying), and the overwhelming fatigue that won’t currently let go of me. I am hoping that it will soon leave, but right now it is not feeling like it is going to let go any time soon, which I know isn’t uncommon but still grrr.

Well, post more as time does allow for it, take care, everyone!



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