Ouch – Pizza Pizza

I really should have dun this sooner, but I wasn’t thinking of it till today – since mom and dad want to have pizza in for the meal treat of the week.

Talk about a little bit of an eye opener – looking at their walk in slices talk about high cal food, and never mind if you add dipping sauce, pop and chips.

My favorit slice to get is a Chicken Bruschetta Parm or a Tropical Hawaiian depending on what I’m feeling like or if I’m just got a craving for a slice I’ll get a Vegetarian Square.

Looking at the cals for each of the ones I like to get on occasion is like ouch – a Chicken Bruschetta Parm slice is 620 calories per walk in slice, a Tropical Hawaiian is 620 cal per walk in slice and a vegetarian square is 500 cal per square – now that might not be all that bad but add pop and chips to it like many children do for lunch and there goes half you days allotment of 2,000 cal.

Another part i like to add is their chicken wings – and talk about ouch! per 6 classic wings are 422 calories, and I tend to get the 20 pack – though the 20pack does take me a few days to go though, its a little ouchy to look at that figure. Makes me thankful that its a treat and not something I do very often.

It sure is better to get a whole pizza of their premade ones because if you get a medium Chicken Bruschetta Pram for once slice 1/8 of the pizza its 180 calories per 1/8 slice – though if you ate 4 slices that wouldn’t be good, but if you ate 2 you would still have less calores then a walk in slice. So you can eat their pizza healthy wise, just not at a walk in deal it does appear.

I got the info from their site at http://www.pizzapizza.ca/english/pages/menu/sub_nutrition/n_pizza.htm and I do recomend checking it out just for referance material when it comes to their pizzas, and every thing else that they tend to sell such as their salads and and not.

well its been interesting looking at the site, take care



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