New Canadian Food Guide

Well its finally been released after 4 years of research and what have you, its finally online and off to those who wish to get it.

You can download a free PDF of it at you can also fill in the order it as a printed guide and it will be snail mailed to you (however that featurea the moment appears offline .. shakes head).

I for one am pleased with the new guide and like it slightly better then the old one, though I don’t like there no more then 2 servings of milk and milk alternative choices .. but other hten that works well for me.

The new deal for Fruits and veggies also is good news to me, 7 to 8 servics for women, and for grains its now 6 to 7 serving for women under 50 that is. Also meat and meat alternatives has been reduced to 2 services a day for women .. which to me is what I have been getting for some time, so again good news to me!

Well take care



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