Pain Day

We did some things today, such as saw King and let Payton and Storm have a romp with him then went to Costco to pick up a few items that where in need, then on to Wal-Mart to get a few items from dad’s list.

Sad to say, the pain really got to me. I was having so much pain that I actually needed to use the electric cart to get around because I couldn’t get my legs fully to take me around. I was so NOT happy with my body acting like this on me.

I was good to have Storm with me, she was most helpful to say the least. Though I wish she was more willing to retrieve items but maybe in time she will develop that. Only time will tell if she will or will not do so.

Other than that, I was fighting to NOT take anything even though my back was screaming at me to do so. Likely stupid on my own part to not take the Advil, but I dislike putting chemicals into my body if it can be helped.

Post more later.



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