Medical Update

Well, it has been a while since I last really posted, never mind did an actual video blog (have recorded a couple but not edited or posted them sadly), I keep thinking I need to post, and yet getting around to doing so seems to be so blasted hard to do.

Been feeling a little down for the past little while, big time since I had to have two teeth extracted and found out that I still had an infection in my mouth something like 3 weeks later needing to have an emergency extraction because another tooth broke and come to find out at the base of it the infection was still raging, so ended up losing that tooth also.

I don’t know if the infection has cleared or not as yet, I’ve done three-course of antibiotics so I am hoping that when I see the periodontist Tuesday that the infection is gone and that there are no further issues, but I fear that will not be the case, sadly.

My next appointment is scheduled to be one that will explore to see if I have any cavities, and well I know I do – it will be a minor miracle if I don’t have any. But I hope and pray that I am clear but know how unlikely that is to be. But there is always hope.

Outside of that, saw the new GP who took over from my old one and I am NOT pleased with her at all. I feel let down and left behind not to mention medically gaslighted by her. She pretty much dismissed my level of pain and discomfort not to mention that I actually need pain medication, her answer is Advil and Tylenol are all that are necessary to control the pain. What a bleeping joke, she has no freaking clue what type of pain Dystonia and Porphyra cause never mind Osteoarthritis and Disk Degeneration.

I have read time and time again the dismissal people have posted online about their own doc and I was counting my blessings that I had a doc who listened and treated me, but now I am in the same state as them and I am like them questioning my own existence.

I feel very much let down by my previous medical provider, I feel she failed me. I know she likely went through hockey sticks during the pandemic and is a palliative care doctor likely was even harder on her than being a general GP so I don’t blame her for needing to move on and away – but I still feel like she could have found a better doctor to take over her practice (then again it is very much possible that she was scrapping the bottom of the barrel to even find a physician looking to take on a private practice vs going into a clinic setting.

So feeling like I have been virtually dismissed bu her words, I am going to be trying my best to fill the gap and get what I need to be done regardless of is she likes it or not and if it means finding another who will take me seriously and is a better fit then so be it, some doctors do not deserve to have a serious private when they don’t listen to those who actually live with conditions that are outside of their experience.

Sighs, like many, know finding a doctor who can treat one’s condition or conditions isn’t easy big time when it is a condition that has very few treating specialists in the field who can treat it. That is what I am facing trying to get into seeing the needed specialists when getting a referral to them is going to be an upwards battle as when I asked to see a movement disorders specialist or the local clinic (which requires a referral) I was refused, she said that my existing specialist needed to do the referral – funny thing is I only have my endocrinologist and no other specialist treating me and my endocrinologist said he can’t refer me to such because it is outside of his area and that my GP needed to be the one to do it (anyone for a circle that just goes round and round and round?)

Also to add to the insult the fee’s that we had been told would be waived, well it’s no longer the case. Every script refill done won’t happen without paying for the script to be written, every note/document that is needed by disability will be charged at 20.00 per page, and in short, there is no medical care that I will get outside of basic OHIP covered stuff from this new GP unless I can pay the fees for it to happen, so no more 30 min appointments just 5 to 10 minutes max (as ohip doesn’t cover more then 10 min apparently) no more then 1 question asked at each appointment so it means NEVER getting proper care because we can’t afford the travel back and forth and she won’t approve medical transport which disability demands she approve if they are to cover it, so there is no bleeping way I can get my appointments covered when she won’t freaking well agree to do so.

Sighs, so yes there is a lot that has happened and is happening that thanks to the pandemic should never have come into place – I shouldn’t have lost the medical support system that I had started to rely on, that or I should never have let myself develop the reliance (but I felt that I had finally found a doc I could trust and who had my back, and as I said now I feel like I have been betrayed).

Well, hope everyone is doing decent and will post more as time does allow for it to happen, take care till then!



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