Mail Ordering Medication vs. Going to Local Pharmacy

I was reading a Blog post at A Sweet Life, which was a reposting from Huffington Post and it brought up a few things in my mind, thus this is my own blog post in response to that article/post.

To me this is one of those reason why you don’t use mail order anything when it comes to such important things as medications because there is always that possible problem that will happen and well your left in limbo or worst off.

I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t go to their local pharmacy to get their medications – even just to make sure they get the right medication, never mind a life sustaining medication. Even my hubby who is American doesn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t use their local pharmacy to get their med’s filled (he him self wouldn’t have much of a life left without his medication he’s on).

We both know cost can play into the factor of getting things online, since online can be cheaper in some cases (though by no means all), both of us don’t have insurance to cover the cost of our medications so its out of pocket they come, yes it hurts the bottom line but its part of life we have and we’ve had to learn to live with it.

Neither of us would ever think of mail ordering our medications because to us they are just to important to to do so, putting ones life in another’s hands that you can not talk to person to person or the like is just to scary for either of us to do, when the medications we’re both on keep us healthy as possible and alive.

Oh well live and learn and to each is their own when it comes to how you handle and manage you own medical condition and issues.



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