looking at 260 lbs on the scale

Well its kind of funny, but am starting to get into the rhythem of things I think.

You see, I’ve started to notice a pattern in my weight loss on the scale.

It does seem if I hit the gym everyday I will not see a weight loss on the scales over the weekend at all, because my muscles are holding on to that water to power them, yet if I hit the gym an average of 3 times a week, then take two to three days off (weeked type deal) I will on the start of the third or forth day see a drop in weight first thing upon getting up.

This is not something I was seeing when I was hitting the gym everyday, 7 days a week, wasn’t even seeing it when I was hitting the gym 5 days a week, but hitting it 3 times a week this is what I am strating to see as a pattern (been tracking it for the past two months, since I cut my gym time down).

I’ve not cut down the time I spend at the gym, if anything I’ve acutally increased the time from my two hours to upwrads of 3.5 hours, an hour and a half extra added. doing almost two hours of straight cardio with an hour and a half of solid weight training (has almost become the norm for me now – but like everything will change things up next month because will have been at this deal for close to 6 weeks by that point in time).

Well take care everyone



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