Licks – ouch what cal count (1,113 Cals)

Well for the first time a long while I drop off at licks for lunch and got the kiddy meal deal, which is a JR Burger, JR Fries and a Apple Juice with a price (free one scoop ice cream – when you present it before the end of the year).

Looking at what the cal for the kiddy meal are makes me almost sick thinking that parents on a fairly regular basis are feeding this to their children or that the children from the local school (half a block away) are eating there almost every day. Shakes head, if that is their main deal for lunch no wonder they are getting on the heavy side of things.

On the good side of things, what I had doesn’t even hit my daily minimum that the sites given me at 1570 to 1920 – thus far today i’ve only managed to consume about 1,497 calories of which 182 are carbs and 54 fat and 37 protein.

Its actually a little amazing at how many calories Licks onion rings pack – per 6 rings and I ate 12 rings which equals 680 calories – like ack that’s more cals in those few rings then I tend to eat in an entire meal setting. I can’t imagine eating those every day or even several times a week, like gag.

Well I know that calories I burned from the 2 hour walk have been packed back on by my choice in lunch – but since I only treat myself to that sort of deal once a month on average, I guess my body can handle it as a occasional treat.

One thing is for sure, I suddenly have the urge to get on my bike and bike for a few hours to burn what I just ate off and do some strength training as well to help burn it off and then some – never though seeing that amount of calories aten in one setting would give me such an urge to do something about it – shakes head.

When it comes to the rest of the deal for the Licks meal I had, well it comes out to the following… 134 Carbs, 47 Fat and 24 Protein … well when it comes to the carbs i’m within a daily allawance of between 177 and 312 at least according to the site.

According to my medical side of things i need a min of 300 carbs a day to a max of 900 carbs which I never get since I hardly am able to eat more then 1,500 calories in a day I do manage here and there, but more times then not its under 1,500 but over 1,100 – not necessarly good, but its how i have been eating for ages.

One this Spark has done for me that I haven’t been able to do on my own is make me a little more aware of some of the foods I eat and what they contain when it comes to nutrishion – shakes head, I know for the most part I am always under the recomended amount of nutrients in part because I can’t eat the foods that would give me the highest amount of those nutrients one needs, but also in part becuse the foods just do not contain the right amounts as they once had oh so many years ago.

It is a good thing that I take supplements because looking at a weeks log of what I’ve eaten when it comes to nutritional values, I am so Not getting enough of the various nutrients as I should be getting for a healthy lifestyle. The only two that are close are the Vitamin D and Calcium – which are thinks to the milk I drink so much of.

Oh well its interesting to see it in front of me, and it does help me thing about what I eat to various degrees and why I take the supplements to start with has now gotten added reason to take them – just wish that a multi-vitamin was alright to take, but can’t because its yet another thing I am allergic ta.

Well take care,



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