Joey, Future Service Dog

Well it has been a long time in the coming and a LOT of things have been going on behind things to get it to this point, but its happening and this is the little one who is starting to fill those shoes for me. His name is Joey and he is a Parti Standard Poodle, who comes from Therapy and Service Dog lines in the states, he is a bundle of love and joy not to mention he is full of life and bouncy as can be.

He has already started to Alert to my glucose levels when they are low and to degrees when high (as in have to be rather high before he starts to do anything, but at least he is picking up on the scent chances it does appear), I wasn’t actually expecting him to pick anything up but the fact that he does and is gives me hope for a lot of things.

We are taking it one day at a time and going from there with him, as in letting him be a puppy but playing fun games along the way to get him use to the various things that Payton takes in stride.

Well post more as time happens, take care everyone!



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