HPV shot

Well there is a debate going on in Ontario now other then over the Election that is, and its over a shot that the government is aiming at girls in grade 8 called the HPV shot. This shot is part of the vaccine program to protect girls from cervical cancer.

Apparently there is a need for this vaccine, yet it is only effective on those who have not yet become sexually active. Hmm makes me wonder if the girls who get it who have been raped will be told that they cant have it because they’ve had sex already and its to late to help them. And I do mean that, 100%. Just because its aimed at younger women doesn’t mean they are verginal by any means, its more likely, but its not 100% a garentte.

Do I support the vaccine, yes and no. I am ticked that its not open to women who have become sexualy active, or that its not open for women over the age of 26 .. just doesn’t soiund right to me .. then again i liek yodn’t have all th einfo i regards to it, but fromwhat I had read, seen on tv thi is how i am seeing things thus far.




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