High Cal Morning Deal…

Well its been ages since I was able to get in a high cal breakfast, seem I only manage them when I have to take mom to early morning medical appointments.

At any rate, 1970 cal for breakfast and oh is my tummy pleased with me! .. lol .. its not growling at me, its not telling me that it needs more foods and to boot I actually might get into my cal range for the day.

K if I was to actually follow SPs recommendations lets put it this way I’d have almost maxed out my cal intake for the day (have 180 clas left for the rest of the day if I was following SPs deal, which I’m not).

I will admit that 634 cals of it is 100% junk food, pop and twix but its of no matter to me … it filled a craving that i’d been having for the past week for the combo so its all good in its own way.

At the moment I am trying to figure out my craving for Sushi is really for carbs or protein (since for me this craving usualy is for one or the other), I’m well within my range for both (not SP speaking – SP i’m almost over in one and mid rang for the other), so I am note sure which it really is a craving for .. I have the feeling its carbs since anything under 500g seems to leave me not feeling to well at times, though 300g does tend to keep we well enough.

Oh well I am sure my body will tell my brain soon enough what it is that its needed and once I understand it I’ll be able to fix it in short order.

Well take care everyone



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