Getting Smaller!

I've finally have gotten into my 28in pair of jeans 🙂

Haven't been able to get into them since grade 10, which is over 10 years ago (about 13 years ago … ouch times flown). And to boot I can sit in them and everything, they are a little tight in the belly area, but rather baggy in the but reason, though in the thys they are not as baggy as I'd like .. chuckles (then again its unknown if my thys will ever slim down with the amout of muscle already on them).

I also don't fit into my only swim suit anymore, size 26 … its to blasted big that it is now falling off of me (ack need new swimware for the summer! Maybe I can fianlly get back into a proper speedo, its been ages since I got into one of those babies).

K you guessed it I've been going though my clothing and trying it on .. chuckles. And well a good number of the stuff I have had in there for 10+ years is once again starting to fit, even my 24in jeans almost fit, if it wasn't for my belly they would actaully fit me, so I am getting there, and those 24s i've not gotten into since 1992 (ack i feel OLD!!!!).

Well it does appear that things are going in the right direction … I even showed them off to my folks and lets say GRRRR … they where pleased to see the loss, but immedatly said “we/you can't afford to get new clothing for you/your self … your just going to have to make do with what you have already” … then mom said “you'r not getting ride of you fat girl clothing, it will be packed away, just like your other stuff has been, just incase its needed again” … GRRRRRRRRRR … talk about totally NOT SUPPORTIVE!!!!! or positive for that matter! …. GRRRR

Well take care

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