Walking Journal Update

Well it has been a while since I posted anything to do with the Walking Journal side of things on my blog and the truth of the matter is that I’ve not been really tracking my walking as I once did. I started to stop tracking my walking shortly after my Hysterectomy back in May 2008 and I’ve never fully gotten back into it since. I do still wear my pedometer when I remember to replace the batteries within it (yes that means I can wear it for a good month plus and know my steps, but once the battery goes it might be a week or longer before I get around to replacing the battery for it unfortunately).

But I’ve not stopped walking or being active, Norman and I still do our daily walks (or semi daily depending on what wort of employment I have – yes some of the employment I have means I’m on my feet walking daily so at the end of the day of being on my feet from about 7am till 4 or 5pm the last thing I really wish to do it go for a walk – my bad). But over all I’m getting in between 3,000 and 5,000 steps in when we go out walking sometimes its more but the 3 to 5k is the average amount taken for our “standard” walks.

I hope to get back into fully tracking again, but lets face it life happens and at times things change enough that going back to what one did when single and had more free time on their hands just doesn’t always happen as one might wish it to. Yes its an excuse but at least I am still getting out and being active and yes the weight is still slowing coming off.

Post more under the Walking Journal tag as time does allow for it.




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